Mobile Educational Projects


There are so many ways that our buses have been used over the years for teaching and training over the years.  Below are just a few examples:

Library Buses

More cost-effective than a conventional building or portacabin, our adapted double deckers afford two large rooms and all services to create an exciting focus for reading and reflection – very much the children`s own area.


Seeing the children`s enthusiasm as we deliver their new library is truly memorable, and the children, parents and teachers are extremely enthusiastic. It is a great pleasure to be a part of instilling such excitement and passion for reading in the next generation.

Mobile Classroom Buses

There are times when teaching can gain from an element of showbiz: a mobile classroom can introduce a flavour of the exciting and unconventional – even a stage set on wheels!

When planning and budgets are a nightmare but classrooms have to be supplied to fulfil a need, a mobile unit can be the optimum solution. For the long term, on a sale basis; hire for the short term.

Whether it is a budget or high specification design, a mobile unit will always be cheaper and quicker than a building. Time is money. Persuading people to come to a venue to learn is more difficult, more expensive. It makes sense to bring the school itself to town and workplace – the savings can be huge!

Maths In Space Bus

The Maths in Space Adventure rolled out nationally over a three year campaign under the sponsorship of Zurich Insurance, visiting two schools each day. Deliberately flouting convention, the windowless spaceship received a complete class of children through the rear door and new staircase where they settled under a starred ceiling to await take-off. At the command centre and route-planning tables, they assisted the Captain with his course and fuel calculations. Landing on a minor asteroid, they went down through airlock doors to explore the abandoned space station below, painlessly covering all the main components of the year`s maths syllabus – without the young adventurers noticing! And the feedback? 80% of the children believed they had been into Space. And the parents? – `How dare you take my child into Space without asking my permission?`

Static Classroom Buses

Have the builders fallen behind schedule and the new school buildings are not going to be ready for the new term? Solution: a modified double-decker bus fills the gap quickly as a temporary building, skirting conventional planning requirements. Complete with the electrical circuitry for heating and lighting, insulated and – above all – heavily equipped with the charisma that children love. THEIR double-decker…

Mobile Clinic Buses

The brief from the Italian Union for the Blind (Unione Italiana dei Ciechi) was to produce a stimulating vehicle that would attract passers-by in the street to board the exhibition bus, learn about blindness and how it might affect them and their family and to receive preventive testing against incipient blindness from experts in the upper deck clinic.

Not only did the vehicle have to be cut in half horizontally to reduce it in height to comply with Italian traffic regulations (4 metres), but the upper consulting room floor had to be lowered to comply with EU interior working height conditions (2 metres) for the consultants. A demanding brief for a worthwhile cause.


ASDA commissioned a dedicated demonstration bus to train supermarket staff in the new generation of checkout machines. Totally autonomous, with 240v generators, UPIs and all necessary services to replicate five checkouts in comfort, this unit saved the operators several hundreds of thousands of pounds on travel, hotel and time costs nationally over a three year campaign.

“Hey, you know what we’ve got here? A whole five lane supermarket, but without the stock!” – ASDA Director

EA Games Bus

EA Games and Rolling Sound chose a bus to be the mobile forum for training young DJs! The lessons were prizes in a national competition. Soundproofing was just one design issue…

Food and Farming Bus

Milk doesn’t only come from cartons! As part of The Year of Food and Farming under joint sponsorship by ASDA, Kraft, Muller and other brands, our half open topper Daimler carried Daisy the Cow around schools to educate and stimulate enthusiasm through games and displays. Daisy was also prepared to allow the children to milk her!